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  • Author Submission Guide

    1. VIDEOS
    High quality AVI or MPEG 2 format best. Length not an issue. THIS VIDEO CAN NOT BE COPY RIGHTED. IT MUST BE ORIGINAL, and you can not submit it elsewhere. It will become property of the website. You can use it for presentations etc. but it can not be later submitted to AUA etc.

    ***Please provide a timeline for the video so it can be properly edited. For example: @ 30 seconds, patient is positioned @ 1 min 25 seconds: surgical incision is made. Provide as much anatomy detail as possible. ***

    Illustrations are fine, again not copy righted, TIFF or JPEG format preferred.

    —Introduction Historical perspective (short and sweet)
    —Special anatomy consideration
    —Patient position and special instrument (lone star, tuner w retractor, etc.)

    **Detailed steps of procedure.** Written as a how to for a PGY3 year. This is how I do it…For example: Set up of lone star retractor

    —-Potential complications of the surgery (management not needed)
    —-Brief review of large series with outcomes, if it is yours even better (ie if you have published it). Table format would work well, ie year of publications, number of cases, conclusions (in 3-4 columns)
    —Any Final thoughts/Surgical Pearls

    References in Vancouver format; if this is hard I can reformat for you.

    Word count. Not an issue, no limit, but around 3 k max would be fine.

    Bio of author (s) yours, one- two paragraph, I will include this as part of the chapter and this will be your kudos! If you send me a picture of you, I would be happy to use that as well. You can do this with a resident/fellow if you wish.

    EXAMPLE OF HOW TO CITE YOUR PUBLICATION (LINK for automatically citing in MLA format): Example for vasovasostomy chapter.

    Costabile, Raymond, and Cara B. Cimmino. “Vasovasostomy (Vasectomy Reversal).” Urologybook.com. OMP, Feb. 2013. Web. 13 July 2013.